Economy Space

A New Paradigm in Economics

Industrial Age Information Age
Technology Mechanistsic technology:
Mass production of goods & services,
pollutants as by-products
Mechatronic technology:
Customized and recycling-oriented
prodcution of info-goods,
info-sercices and information
Institution Ownership (private, public and
collective) -> Nation-states
Possession (as an ecological niche)
-> Eco-share regions & communities
Mode of

Markets by separations:

  • Consumer from Producer
  • Employee from Employer
  • Saver from Investor
  • Land Owner from Tenant
  • Man from Nature

Beyond markets: Re-unification

  • Prosumer
  • Coworker
  • Self-manager
  • Inhabitant
  • Villager

Three effete paradigms:

  • Capitalist market economy
  • Welfare mixed economy
  • Socialist planned economy

MuRatopian economy featuring:

  • Information-sharing network
  • Self-management and
    participatory democracy
  • Sustainable development

Inter-Human networking studies

Are We Heading towards Equilibrium or Collapse?

World3 Model from "The Limits to Growth"
(Standard Run by STELLA II - Scenario 1)

The estimated world population at this moment is More than 5.7 BILLION

World3 Model Scenario 1 (Business as Usual) tells ...

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