Environmental Issues Solvable

Destruction of The Eco-System

The way new technological innovations are introduced is very anti-humane and anti-environmental under a capitalist system of immediate profit maximization and cost minimization. Many recent studies by ecologists and naturalists convince us that how our eco-system is fragile and its evolution is irreversible once it is destroyed, and that how we are mutually dependent on the environment and interwoven holistically with it. The survival of such a fragile eco-system and our existence itself are now threateded by mass pollution as a result of the present civilization. Spills of crude oil from wrecked huge oil tanks, destroying much marine live; acid rains killing forests and lakes; carbon dioxide cutting out sunshine; and so on. Hopefully, the MuRatopian economy under the next civilization will enable lots of applications of small scale technologies, which will avoid such mass destruction of eco-system. The introduction of new technological innovations would be in harmony with the eco-system, because the co-workers' optimal programs are based on the maximization of their own welfare (not inhumane profit at all). Gradually, the co-workers' consciousness will be changed towards a holism under the new economic system. In this way, the MuRatopian economy as a global and holistic system will appear as the saver of the eco-system.

(Based on Chapter 10, Beyond Walras, Keynes and Marx, Peter Lang Publishing, 1988.)