MuRatopia Solutions

The institutional feature of the MuRatopian economy is characterized by the three principles of possession. Let us briefly summarize them for the discussions below.
Principle 1
When co-workers participate in a MuRatopian organization, they automatically become its possessors, and join its self-management.
Principle 2
On the other hand, when they leave the organization, they automatically dispossess its properties and lose the right to control it from outside.
Principle 3
In addition, no co-workers are allowed to derive economic benefits from the exchange of their own properties (stocks), and their economic benefits are only obtained through the exchange of their net output (flows) as income.
These three principles are very simple, but they are effective enough to solve many problems. Let us here show how the MuRatopian economy with these three principles can help solve economic, social, environmental and international problems the present civilization is facing.