Kaoru Yamaguchi

At the FOCAS Workshop, Summer 1994.


Professor, Osaka Sangyo University, Japan.
Ph.D.(Economic Theory), University of California at Berkeley.

Kaoru Yamaguchi, at the invitation of Dr. Jim Dator (former president of WFSF), joined the World Futures Studies Federation in 1987 while he was teaching at the Economics Dept., Univ. of Hawaii. Since then he has been actively involved in futures studies, presenting his integrated economic theories at the world conf. in Beijing, China (1988), Budapest, Hungary (1990), Barcelona, Spain (1991), and Turku, Finland (1993). In June 1992, he was invited to attend the UNESCO seminar on Teaching About The Future, Vancouver, Canada, where he emphasized the need for a higher institution for future-oriented studies and proposed this project: Network University of the Green World. In March 1995, he was invited to the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) specialist meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, for ATAS (Advanced Technology Assessment System) evaluation works, which resulted in the publication of Information Technology for Development (ATAS, Issue 10, United Nations, 1995) including a paper on Information Super Highway contributed by the U.S. Vice President Al Gore. He's currently an international board member of the Scientific Advisory Council, Hannover Expo 2000.

He used to enjoy nature photography in American mountains and forests, and play Shaku-hachi (a Japanese bamboo flute) at home.

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