Green Futures for All Living on Earth !

Future-Oriented Complexity and Adaptation Studies (FOCAS)
A Curiosity-Driven Research Group

Three Networks We are Building:

  1. Networking people around the world for learning anywhere and anytime, with annual summer meetings for global-village human communications in Awaji Island, Japan.
  2. Networking five interrelated fields of study: Mind, Model, Nature, Technolgoy and Economy
  3. Networking present and future generations for a Green World (by Green we symbolize Sustainability).

Network (2) and (3) are synthesized to form a new field of study: FOCAS, which is combined with (1) to establish the "Network University of the Green World for FOCAS".

You are invited to the FOCAS Seminar '99(Aug. 5 - 8, 1999)

A Brief History of This Project

: Dr. Kaoru Yamaguchi
Faculty of Management Sciences
Osaka Sangyo University, Osaka 574, Japan
Your Suggestions are most welcome.

--- Last Update: June 20, 1999 ---