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目下、"Money and Macroeconomic Dynamics" の第3版にむけて改訂中。

"Fundamentals of the ASD Model as an Alternative to SMM (New ! )
  (JFRC Working Paper No. 02-2018).

"Modeling An EPM-token Experiment" (New !)
 -- Accounting System Dynamics Analysis --
   2018年8月 6−10日)

"Public Money, Debt Money and Blockchain-based Money Classified" (New ! )
-- EPM as Money of the Futures --  (Presentation Slides)


"Peer-to-Peer Public Money System -- Focusing on Payments"

"The Heads and Tails of Money Creation and its System Design Failures -- Toward the Alternative System Design"
オランダ デルフト工科大学で開催の第34回国際システムダイナミックス学会にて研究報告、

"ASD Macroeconomic Model of Japan on the Flow of Funds and National Accounts 
  -- Report on its Early Stage Development --"

  "From Debt Money to Public Money System (A Revised Version)"

   "From Debt Money to Public Money System
     -- Modeling A Transition Process Simplified --"

オランダ デルフト工科大学で開催の第32回国際システムダイナミックス学会にて研究報告、

     Curriculum Vitae

Major Publications

Public Money

   "Beyond Walras, Keynes and Marx" は著者の手元 (MuRatopia Home) に少々在庫がありますので、
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